What Are the Responsibilities of a Sitter (and a Homeowner)?

House sitters provide security to various homes. Homeowners enjoy security even while they are away knowing that the house and their pets are cared for. Sitters move into a house while the homeowner is away on vacation or an extended work leave. Short stays normally are equivalent to a paid fee while longer ones require free board and lodging. House sitters are available online through sites like https://www.happyhousesitters.com.au/

The following are some of the tasks that a house sitter has to fulfill:

To man the house

The primary duty of the sitter is to make the home look occupied. This means that the house sitter has to stay in the house, turn the lights on and off as needed, let the car stay in the driveway, and be known to the neighborhood that someone is home. All these will prevent possible break-ins and vandalism that may happen when the home is perceived as empty.

Caring for plants

The sitter must also care for indoor and outdoor plants. Depending on their service period, this may only include watering the plants or it may also include mowing and pruning.

Caring for pets

Any pets in the home are the responsibility of the house sitter unless a different sitter is tasked to do so. Some of the tasks include providing food and water, litter box and poop disposal, and cage cleaning while the pet owners are away. Other pet-related tasks include bringing the pet to the vet.

Cleaning the house

More often, house cleaning is not included in house sitting, but house sitters may be expected to maintain the house and make sure to leave it in the same condition they found it. This means that the house sitter has to clean up her own mess.

Miscellaneous tasks

Home sitters from https://www.happyhousesitters.com.au/ may also perform some miscellaneous tasks like bringing the mail and newspaper daily. It may also be possible for the sitter to check on phone messages at the request of the homeowner. The sitter may also be responsible for pool maintenance and cleaning. In the same way, the house sitter may also need to fix some repairs with the appropriate professionals, all at the expense of the homeowner.

The homeowner, on the other hand, is expected to do the following tasks: They must provide truthful information about their pets, health, temperament, socializing behavior, the property’s location, as well as their own expectations of the sitter.

The homeowner must also provide the sitter with a bedroom, bathroom, and a comfortable space particularly for prolonged house sitting arrangements. The sitter must also have sufficient space for storing clothes and other personal possessions.

For remote homes, a vehicle may be provided to be used for emergencies and food shopping. If not available, the sitter must be advised of a car rental service.

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