How to Prepare for a New Cat

Adopting a new cat can be exciting but challenging. Not only is there a lot of preparation involved, but you must also be physical and financially ready to take on the responsibility. If you’re a new cat owner, below are a few tips to help you prepare for the arrival of your new feline family member.

Buy Supplies

While buying supplies is a no-brainer, new cat owners may wonder exactly what they need. If this is your first kitty, write down the basics so that you’re not missing them once you bring them home. Below are some of the necessities:

  • 1 or 2 litter boxes (it’s a good idea to have an extra one on hand)
  • Litter (clumping litter is best for easy removal)
  • Cat collar
  • Food and water bowls
  • Cat brush
  • Cat toys
  • Cat bed and other furniture (e.g. scratching post, cat box)
  • Cat carrier

Create a Safe Space

Cats can be nervous creatures, so it’s a good idea to create a safe room for your new companion. A starter room is a great way to safely introduce the cat to the home, while allowing them quiet, private time if needed. Just make sure it has secure doors and windows.

Cat-Proof Your Home

Before you introduce your new kitty to their home, make sure you cat-proof it first. Remember that your cat may be nervous, or they might be highly energetic and get into all kinds of mischief. If you’re new to cat ownership, it’s important during the first few days to make sure they don’t escape. This involves ensuring windows and doors are securely closed and that chimneys are blocked. You may also want to designate areas where the cat is allowed to go.

Set Up the Litter Box

Training your cat in the litter box is one of the first things you’ll want to do. There are many kinds on the market, ranging from enclosed to automatic. While the type will depend on your preferences and hygiene tolerance, it’s important to remember that cats need to feel safe when doing the deed. So, have it in a quiet spot, preferably away from doors or full length windows.

Provide Entertainment

As cats require play and stimulation, you’ll also want to ensure that energy isn’t taken out on your new sofa! Before you bring your cat home, invest in a scratching post and other cat toys such as chasers, balls, and catnip toys.

Don’t Forget Food & Water!

Make sure there is food and water available as soon as you bring your new cat home. Cats prefer to have food and water in separate places – have a few water sources available and change their location and the water often. If you’re a new cat owner, make sure the food is also age-appropriate (e.g. kitten, adult, senior).

Take Them to the Vet

Lastly, make an appointment with as soon as you can. It’s important to set up an initial visit to review any vaccinations your cat might need and to assess their overall health. While you’re there, ask about spaying or neutering options (if they haven’t already had this done) as it can help with potential behavioral issues.


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