5 Great Health Supplements for Your Dog

Just like us, dogs can have deficiencies and other health issues that warrant the need for supplements. The billion-dollar pet supplement industry has a lot to offer, but not every product is worth your time and money. In this list, we’ll look at five health supplements that will help your best friend through the difficulties of dog life.

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Cannabidiol is a highly effective and versatile health supplement with a plethora of benefits. One of the most helpful advantages is stress relief. This can help your dog deal with anxiety and even certain phobias. It’s also antiemetic, which helps control vomiting and nausea.

Cancer is a very real and frightening reality for dogs as well. CBD oil is said to help slow tumor growth, which works as protection against colon cancer. These benefits, among others, are the reason CBD oil is a popular choice as a regular health supplement for dogs. Canna Companion sells high quality CBD oil made specifically for dogs.

Traditional Multivitamins

Ensuring your dog consumes a nutritionally complete diet at all times can be difficult. This is where dog-specific multivitamins come in handy. By covering all potential deficiencies, multivitamins act as a sort of “insurance” against potential health issues and diseases that could arise in the future.

That said, it would be wise to ensure that multivitamins are absolutely necessary in the first place. Most commercial dog food is made to provide all the basic nutrients that dogs need. However, homemade diets that consist of more of raw, natural foods may necessitate the need for multivitamins.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is a natural supplement that contains silymarin. This ingredient has a variety of useful health benefits. It helps prevent toxic compounds from entering the liver, as well as working as an antioxidant. Again, it’s advisable to ensure that your dog absolutely requires milk thistle before picking some up. Research on these types of supplements and their effects on pets is still fairly limited.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is one of the most widely used pet supplements. While humans use it more to treat cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis, these issues aren’t as prevalent in dogs. Instead, fish oil is useful for treating skin allergies. It can improve the quality of their coat and reduces the need for medication used to treat excessive itching.


There are some fairly unsupported claims about probiotics being useful for boosting the immune system and being an effective overall health supplement. However, studies suggest that probiotics are useful for diarrhea and other digestive system-related issues. As more research is done, we may find a larger list of effects that dogs in particular can benefit from when taking probiotics.

Whether these health supplements are really necessary for your dog’s wellbeing depends on their current health condition. Find out where problems are prevalent and decide which supplement will be most effective in treating the issue. This way you can save some much-needed money and time to treat your dog to a special feast, or perhaps a new toy.

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