Maintaining your cat’s claws.

You must maintain your cat’s claws regularly. Cats should never remove them, but they must be cut to protect your feline. We explain why.

The claws essential

Your cat’s claws are precious. He cannot live without it. Its claws are used for self-defense, hunting, climbing, and marking territory.

Your cat needs to make its claws, that is to say, to use them for a whole host of things essential to its well-being. For example, thanks to its claws and pads, it can deposit pheromones to mark its territory. Of course, this can be the case on your carpets, furniture, sofa, and bedding. This may not be limited to just your belongings. If it lives with a dog, it may also damage your dog’s indoor dog house or belongings, such as a dog cave bed. It’s never pleasant, but you should never hit him for it. Instead, scold him, but combin n m  ing firmness and kindness.

So never dare to practice onychectomy, which is simply the act of removing your claws. He will sink into depression because the claws are also a way for him to create social ties with congeners. It is a vital need.

Why cut his claws?

Your cat will have to do them daily. Depending on his lifestyle and age, you may be required to perform a “manicure” session on your pet. Think of it as a helping hand for your cat. You are simply helping him maintain his claws, nothing more. For example, this can be useful for a senior cat no longer active.

Cutting its claws to a reasonable size allows you to have fewer unpleasant surprises for your furniture and bedding. If it is for your comfort, it is also for his.

Indeed, too-long claws can represent a danger for your feline. They can prevent him from moving correctly and with ease. He may also be at risk of developing infections or ingrown claws. You must therefore take action using a claw clipper that you can easily find at your veterinarian or in a specialized store. You can buy a cat scratcher house for your cat. Or you can meet the need for play at the same time by buying a cat tower for large cats with a scratch post on it.

How to cut his claws?

The act is quite simple, provided your cat knows how to keep quiet. Take your nail clippers, and never a human nail clipper or a pair of scissors. Wait until your feline is as calm as possible. Then, do not disturb him during an activity (game, nap, meal, etc.).

Grab one of its paws and squeeze the pad between your thumb and index finger, so the claw sticks out more. Next, simply remove the translucent part of its claw (a few millimeters), and never the pulp, well defined. These are its nerves and blood vessels. Moreover, it is for this reason that a nail clipper is essential because it has a “stopper” so as not to go too far in size. Then cut off all the nails on its paws.

If you have any doubts about adopting the technique, we advise you to contact your veterinarian. He will show you the fitting gesture to cut them safely.

If you accidentally hurt him, disinfect the wound using a disinfectant product for cats, place a compress and make a bandage around the paw. This operation will protect it against possible infections.

You don’t have to clip his nails every week. However, you must do this activity once a month or even once every two months.

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