Choose the best grooming and shampoo for your cat

Grooming and shampooing of the cat, you can use WOPET brand products bring all the necessary care to its well-being and its beauty: comb for cat, brush for cat , scissors for cat, nail-cutter cat, trimmer for cat , shampoo for cat , maintenance of the hair, detangling pro for cat, cat fragrance, competition preparation . Grooming stimulates blood circulation, improves muscle tone and reduces hairballs in the stomach.

Grooming and shampooing of the cat

Your cat needs some additional care to perfect its beauty, eliminate superfluous hair. Grooming and shampooing helps with the cat’s grooming, it is a sign of affection that strengthens your bond with him and allows you to check that he is in good health.

Some cat breeds, especially long-haired cats, require more frequent care to avoid hair clumps. As a general rule, combing your fur prevents your cat from ingesting too much hair when licking, which creates intestinal problems.

Cat comb

Depending on the comb, the classic comb for example you can eliminate dead hairs in times of moult, ideal also for eyes and mustaches. The  anti-  cat comb is the essential accessory to eliminate these parasites and their eggs.

Cat brush

With a cat brush you can perform regular brushing to ensure a supple, healthy and luminous hair. The brushing he loves, provided he does it often. You reduce the amount of hair scattered in the house and the cat that chokes by regurgitating balls of hair. Adapt the brush to the nature of its hair and its skin that can be sensitive. Its hairs are long or short, it loses in quantity brush your cat daily.

Choose a brush according to the characteristics and nature of your cat’s hair

  • Pin brush,
  • Detangling brush,
  • Soft brush,
  • Pro brush,
  • Cat Trimmer

Awarded by professional groomers the Cat Trimmer is a revolutionary tool. It’s a new multifunctional grooming tool. The Coat King trimmer guarantees a pain-free grooming for the cat. It is perfectly adapted to unravel, unravel, remove dead hair and depilate. A caress to remove hair and undercoats.

Hair maintenance

The maintenance of the hair and a good food for cat, guarantee the quality and the beauty of the coat. Use a shampoo, a cream, detangling treatments to perfectly complement the health of the hair. Certain races like Carthusian, Persian, Main Coon, etc. require careful and regular care: daily brushing, dental hygiene, care of the ears and eyes, claws to pry …

Cat scissors

Straight scissors, curved scissors, thinning scissors … All these scissors, used by professionals are designed for a careful grooming of animals. Grooming requires precision. He then you a specialist tool.

Cat nail clipper

Nail clipper, cat claw cutter, use a suitable tool. The claw cutter is sharp, the cut is sharp and fast. Accustom your cat to this monthly ritual from an early age. This need for cutting is common especially in indoor cats and older cats.

Cat dryer

Hand dryer, stand dryer, blow dryer, drying is a delicate operation that requires efficiency. The cat dryer must be manageable, light, manageable, robust and give full satisfaction as long as possible.

Cat clipper

Electric Trimmer, Cordless Lawn Mower, Pro Lawn Mower, Cutting Head, Lawn Mower Accessories, all to ensure professional grooming for your cat. Before using the cat clipper, give it a shampoo to remove all impurities from the coat. This shampoo beforehand to avoid damaging the blades of the mower.

Cat shampoo

Cat shampoo, close-shampoo, anti-dandruff shampoo, detangling shampoo, dry shampoo, color shampoo, shampoo treatment, anti-flea shampoo. Use the right shampoo to wash your cat and ensure the beauty of your cat’s hair.

Cat detangling pro

The detangling pro acts after the cat shampoo. It detangles all types of hair, long, felted, entangled. The Detangling Pro is a powerful detangler-conditioner-antistatic, a care for easy brushing. It brings shine and strength to the cat’s coat.

Perfume for cat

Cat Perfume is a complement to grooming and cat shampoo. Bring a delicate and fragrant note to your cat’s coat. The scent for cat spreads delicious scents, sweet and flowery. It makes the presence of your favorite animal pleasant. Because the fur of your cat is unique!

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